What is the principle of industrial decoration?

Chic, sober, modern, quirky, vintage and terribly trendy, industrial decoration is fashionable and knows the recipe to please the greatest number! It combines light and large spaces with warmth, the simplicity of vintage and recycled and raw and rustic materials. Both cold and so warm, this trendy decoration responds to very specific codes inspired by factories and New York lofts. Discover its principles and some ideas for adopting it at home.

Industrial decor: where does it come from? What are the codes?

The industrial style, very fashionable in recent years, is directly inspired by factories and industries. Both cold and warm, this trend evokes the New York lofts that we see flourishing in films and series. Vintage and terribly modern, industrial decor is suitable for all ages since it mixes relaxation with rustic, naturalness with the world of the factory, bohemian with formal. It has the particularity and the advantage of marrying with all styles of interiors thanks to its combination of materials such as wood, concrete and metal, which allows it to be exclusive or distilled by small touches in one or more rooms.

If the industrial decoration advocates the use of raw materials and large spaces, like the factories and manufactures from which it draws its influences, it is a style skilfully studied and carefully thought out. Indeed, to be successful, industrial decor cannot be left to chance. It is necessary to respect the codes and the harmonies with the greatest precision. Discover its codes and golden rules.

An open space

The industrial style is directly borrowed from that of the factories. We are therefore thinking of decompartmentalizing the space, leaving a high ceiling and as many openings as possible to recall the architecture of large factories. We limit the doors and partitions, we open as much as possible towards the light and we let the air circulate. To do this, the canopy is the perfect symbol of the industrial style, since it separates the living spaces without marking a break and it lets the light pass from one room to another without any border.

Raw, rustic, robust materials

Industry is an assembly of raw, rustic and solid metals. It is an image of robustness, simplicity, cold heat and hard work. Despite its air of little worked and bohemian style, industrial decoration responds to very specific codes in terms of materials. We highlight wood, steel, metal, zinc, bricks, leather, we mix styles and materials for a more successful effect. We opt for the aged, the recycled, the worn, like the material that has worked, that has sweated blood and water to produce. The rough is the key: large spaces, volumes, clarity and raw materials to create its furniture and interior fittings.

Functional furniture

Simplicity and functionality are de rigueur with industrial decor. No more fuss and frills! The factory style invokes raw materials and functional, practical, massive and vintage furniture. Get models now on Homary.com! We opt for furniture that is solid, imposing, warm and as simple as possible. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up comfort, quite the contrary! The industrial style advocates simplicity, but does not overlook warmth and well-being.

A warm and well distributed light

In the industrial style, the light is distilled in small skilfully distributed touches. We bring warmth with yellow lighting and not white, colder, and we opt for metal suspensions with black or gray frames of great simplicity. The trend is for bulbs and lanterns suspended in clusters to recall the factory side and bring the famous warmth specific to this style.

The recycling

The industrial decor is vintage and simplistic, which is why it uses raw materials and worn furniture and accessories. In the current context which advocates sobriety and recycling, what better than to go and hunt for your furniture in flea markets and garage sales? For a successful decor, opt for mismatched accessories, patinated furniture and old-fashioned fabrics. By choosing an industrial decoration, you protect the planet and your wallet!

The harmony of colors

The industrial style is not fond of bright, flashy colors. Instead, it uses black, gray, brown, steel and copper. These are indeed the colors that are found naturally in factories. For lovers of color, opt for discreet touches and play with accessories. For pure industrial, avoid painting your walls in orange or blue, prefer to distil your favorite colors in your small objects, such as cushions, chairs, lamps and fabrics.

Some application ideas…

Do you want to adopt the industrial style for your interior decoration? Here are some application ideas:

  • Wooden crates make perfect shelves and a seating area made from recycled pallets will stick to the style,
  • The canopy is the ideal partition to delimit the space while keeping the idea of ​​grandeur and letting the light circulate,
  • Cloakroom cabinets, made of metal, make practical storage furniture,
  • For the table, opt for a large wooden top on black metal legs,
  • For your lamps, hang bulbs from copper pipes,
  • Recycle old copper pipes to make coat racks, racks, etc.
  • We equip ourselves with old fences to adorn our walls and hang photos and paintings.

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