Al Mamzar Beach Park Tour Dubai


Al Mamzar Beach Park in Dubai

Al Mamzar Beach Park has five pristine beaches and several barbecue areas. This beachfront park is only 20 minutes away from downtown Dubai. A musical amphitheater is also located at the park. You can enjoy live music, stand-up comedy, and other shows. Its location is convenient as it’s close to Century Mall.

Al Mamzar Beach Park Dubai

Al Mamzar Beach Park

Al Mamzar Beach Park is a perfect place to relax after a long day exploring the area. There are many amenities available to tourists at this park, including swimming pools, bicycle hire, and cabin rentals. For families, the beach park provides several options for recreation, including a playground and children’s games.

A family-friendly beach,  Beach Park features clean beaches, picnic areas, and several restaurants. The park also has a small amphitheatre for musical events. It also has ample parking. There is a beach shower and restrooms at the park, and there is a lifeguard service on the beach.

Its five pristine beaches

The park of Al Mamzar Beach offers various recreational facilities such as a basketball court, football field, and roller-skating rink. The park is popular among kids and adults alike. It also has an observation tower from where visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the beach.

Al Mamzar Beach is located in Dubai and features five beautiful public beaches. The azure waters and the soothing sound of the waves make it a perfect spot for relaxation. The beach also offers different activities for tourists, including swimming and snorkelling.

Al Mamzar Beach pool area

The pool area at Al Mamzar Beach Park offers a number of water activities. There are also roller-skating areas, basketball courts, and a playground for children. The park features plenty of lifeguards to ensure that everyone has fun. The park has plenty of food and drinks available, and the park’s outdoor dining areas offer a variety of food options. The park also features live entertainment. On weekends and during holidays, the beach park is very busy.

Al Mamzar Beach is a wonderful place to take the family. The park is 106 hectares and features five pristine beaches. It also features three beautiful pools, a playground, and an open amphitheatre. The park is also ideal for a family vacation, with a wide variety of activities for everyone.

Its barbecue areas

Barbecues are a great way to enjoy the beach with your family and friends. The beach is dotted with barbecue areas at Al Mamzar Beach Park. This park is a popular destination for families with children, as it features plenty of barbecue areas. There are also many kiosks for beverages and ice cream. If you want to eat out, you can also enjoy burgers and picnic foods at one of the park’s cafeterias.

In addition to the barbecue areas, the beach park offers a variety of different lawns for you to enjoy a barbecue. The area is lush with tropical vegetation and palm trees. The barbecue areas are set within an area that has been designed to provide both a modern aesthetic and an ethnic feel. The beach park is also home to a park train and bicycle rental. It also features huge air-conditioned bungalows for daily use. There are 15 bungalows for rent in the area. You can contact with Captain Dunes for local guide and tour management.

Its chalets

The Al Mamzar Beach and its chalets have a lot to offer, whether you are visiting on a family holiday or on a romantic getaway. They offer guaranteed private seating, and you can rent a chalet for the day or stay in one of the cabanas. Chalets are not included in the basic entrance fee, and you need to reserve them at the park in advance.

The Beach Park is located on the north-eastern tip of the Emirate of Dubai, overlooking the border of Sharjah. The park offers a relaxing atmosphere, and the beach is perfect for reading a book and enjoying the waves.

Its location

The location of Al Mamzar Beach Park is very accessible for visitors of all ages. The park is located on the Deira side of the Creek and is easily accessible from the Green Metro Line and the C28 bus, which terminates at the park’s entrance gates. The beach is open daily and there is also a park for children. There are also many refreshment items to choose from. There is a small entrance fee, 5 AED, but people with a determination card can enter for free.

Al Mamzar Beach has five pristine beaches and three stunning pools. The beach area is 106 hectares in size, with manicured lawns and winding bike and foot paths. There is also an open amphitheatre for entertainment, and the beach often hosts organised events.


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