5 Effective Tips for Meeting Management

Meetings, in essence, boost productivity and efficiency. Huddling around a table, sharing ideas, arguing, only to get a productive solution for the objective. Meetings are essential for businesses to operate. It becomes convenient if you know some effective tips for meeting management.

Welcome to the pandemic of disappointments. No more free-bailing ideas, debating. 

Meeting Management

Poof! Gone. Obliterated by a tiny virus. Interacting is easier than ever, true. But meetings are not productive and value-creating anymore. 

Anyone who has worked in a corporate environment knows that business meetings can eat up a lot of time. This wastes valuable resources and employees’ time as well. This could become a disaster if you’re managing online meetings and the participants are in different locations. Despite all the advancements in technology, it’s still difficult to conduct a successful, productive meeting. 

Outlined below are some common meeting management problems with some effective tips to lead a productive meeting.

Ineffective Interaction

Ever led a meeting and feel like the same people are speaking and other team members don’t? This can be a result of less and ineffective communication. This can easily become a meeting challenge, especially when the whole purpose of the meeting was to gather input from other team members.

Technical Glitch 

After attending and conducting online meetings this much, we all are very well aware of this issue. Expecting a good internet connection from everyone’s end is crucial. Remember the last time something like this happened to you during an important meeting? To avoid this send a prior document of instructions or ask the team to maintain an appropriate internet speed.

Less Participation of Audience

This is one of the most challenging aspects of online meetings. To keep people attentive. Try to keep meetings short, try to make it feel like a live interactive conversation. Consider starting each meeting in fun ways or with small talk – make introductions, introduce brainteasers.

Tools & Equipment

Virtual meetings rely on technology to demonstrate and share information, and if the devices are not available or updated, it could become difficult to lead the meeting. This can raise your dependency to take help from any meeting moderator or IT people to handle the meeting room.

Below we describe The Effective Tips For Meeting Management

With remote working arrangements increasing every day, it is expected that even conventional businesses will be part of the increase in online meetings in the coming years. To help you conduct more booming online meetings, here are five effective tips for meeting management that can be implemented immediately.

1. Plan a Well Defined Agenda

A meeting with an uncertain purpose can lead to wasted time and confusion. To make things easy for every participant, prepare an agenda. Prepare a document mentioning all the issues and upcoming tasks to be discussed in the meeting. You take the help of an appointment scheduling software like Picktime to schedule the meeting and send all the prior needed information to the members with email and SMS notification.

2. Set Time Limitation

Time framing your meeting can remarkably boost productivity and also help in extracting more value in less time. Determining a particular limit for a meeting can improve communication and results in better efficiency. For instance, set the meeting duration to 45 minutes and earmark 15 minutes to review previous allotted tasks. This way, the participants will not go off track. And they will be less distracted throughout the meeting.

3. Test The System in Advance

As discussed above, ask all your participants to do the needful on their devices. Restart the system, and make sure the camera and microphone are working properly. Opt for standard, trusted appointment scheduling services like Picktime. Check their video guide and integrate with your favorite apps easily, Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Jitsi Meet – it can help you schedule online meetings much more professionally. 

4. Take Help From a Meeting Moderator

A meeting can go off track at any moment. It’s wise to appoint the meeting moderator to control the proceedings. This will also be helpful during the issue of any internet connection and audio or video quality. This is especially important for online meetings since issues with audio or video quality and an internet connection can lead to miscommunication.

5. Share Notes In Advance

Meetings can start and end with vague promises and assurances from the participants. To avoid these, once the online meeting concludes send a summary or notes to the team members. Share the action item for each task point along with the details of the responsible person or group. Also, ask them to take notes if possible during the meeting. 

Conducting online meetings with different locations can be difficult to manage. Following the above-mentioned effective tips for meeting management can result in purposeful sessions as well as can save your time and resources. Always prepare in advance and make sure your meeting is well structured and moderated. 


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