You’ll Fail This Baby Quiz…Unless You’re A Guru Mom

Mothers who are experts at “parenting” will succeed in this test with ease. Every single one of these solutions will be obvious to any parent who considers themselves to be a Guru mom without requiring too much or too much thought! Being a mother is an exciting adventure, and it’s nice to constantly discover new parenting techniques.

Guru Mom

Some clever and amusing ways for moms to become “Guru” include asking for advice, reading how-to books, and watching tutorials online. While learning about infants, pregnancy, and parenting techniques can be unpleasant for some people, they may come readily to others. Guru mothers are the coolest because no one wants to spend their time feeling anxious or concerned that they are not raising their child properly. They consistently know exactly what to do!

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What is an epidural?

Guru Mom


What kind of class do pregnant women attend to learn about the birthing process?



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