The Essential Accessories for Travelling with Bullet

Reckless people tend to disregard safety precautions as they hope everything will turn out in their favour. To put it simply, city slickers believe that a credit card and a smartphone today can save them from any potential problem when travelling with Bullet.

Travelling with Bullet

However, wise motorcyclists know that common sense planning goes a long way when something goes wrong. Being unprepared when travelling with Bullets is the biggest error one can make. There are a few fundamental behaviours you must exhibit and a few essential motorcycle accessories you must always have on you. Today’s experts’ discussion will centre on the latter.

In further detail, they will discuss interceptor 650 accessories that are a must-have for any bike ride.

Bluetooth Helmet Communicator

There’s no denying that being alone inside the helmet to experience the wind and the motor can be incredibly soothing. However, listening to your favourite mistake while wearing a helmet can be equally enjoyable. Moreover, you could also choose to converse with your passenger or even receive GPS navigation instructions.

Incredibly advanced Bluetooth helmet communicators are available today. You can connect them to a variety of gadgets without any noticeable delay. But, of course, the “off” button is always an option if you want some peace while travelling with Bullets.

Flat Repair Kit

There’s hardly any denying that most modern motorbike tires are durable and offer good traction in slippery roads. However, a flat tire can swiftly put an end to your trip. This is because most tires are susceptible to punctures. 

If your bike features tubeless tires, you must choose the right tyre repair kit to hit the road again. You would be able to make an instant repair with the help of current tire repair kits when travelling with Bullets.

Portable Air Compressor

As per the experts, all bike riders necessitate an effective method to re-inflate their flat tire after patching it. If you are new at this, note that the number of CO2 cartridges available in specific tyre repair kits may not be sufficient to inflate your tire fully. Therefore, you must pay close attention to this for smooth riding when travelling with Bullets. 

As per the book, you may find better convenience using a tyre pressure compressor, which suits tire inflation and links to your motorcycle’s battery. In addition, you can significantly benefit from a reliable compressor that is versatile, durable, and small enough to carry in your motorbike luggage.

Motorcycle Toolkit

Nowadays, the toolkits on many motorcycles are either very small or nonexistent. Therefore, most experts and bike enthusiasts suggest various specialised tools and toolkits spanning dynamic applications from the internet.

Your ideal option should be a small, fully-stocked tool roll with a strong, two-sided zippered bag and an additional storage pocket. In addition, most toolkits come with straps for attaching to an off-road front fender and rain coverings.

Water-Proof Gloves

As far as must-haves go, you should always include an extra pair of water-proof gloves and raincoats. In addition, you must frequently bring lighter, perforated gloves for hot conditions. Similarly, you could bring insulated, water-proof gloves for rainy or icy conditions.

If you are a novice, do note that the best pair of gloves to purchase is two-in-one designs. This is because such designs promise an upper compartment with minimal insulation. Then again, you will havea lower compartment like a traditional summer glove. The experts advise carrying a spare pair of gloves even if you have two uses.

Face Shield/Visor Cleaner

There’s no denying that all kinds of dirt and bird droppings can sit on your face shield or visor when travelling with Bullets. This can also be dangerous if you ride at night since it could obstruct your eyesight, and distractions may result.

It would be best if you ideally made it a practice to polish your face shield quickly whenever you stop. Moreover, you must also ensure to have a lens cleaning kit in your bag at all times. It comes in a rigid, two-part container with two microfiber cloths and a small spray bottle of glass/lens cleaning on one side.

Surplus Fuel

Lastly, mentioning that you can omit this if you’re not making trips to far-flung places is necessary. However, if you are, it’s usually a good idea to carry fuel. Replenishing your bike sufficiently to ride to a petrol pump can mean the difference between on-road struggle and reaching the destination.

Parting Thoughts for Travelling with Bullet

If you enjoy biking, you will undoubtedly support this statement. Travelling with Bullets is one of the best ways to appreciate biking fully. However, you must be ready to enjoy this experience the most.

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