Three Friends Traveling – Bir Billing


Andhra Pradesh is a veritable gold mine of scenic beauty and thrilling pursuits. The atmosphere is relaxed, the air is cleaner, the same perspectives are breathtaking, and the rivers never end. However, choosing just one destination to visit or all these activities to engage in can be challenging in such a varied region. But if you find yourself in a situation like this, you should visit Bir-Billing.

Although Bir is not the most well-known of the Himachal hills, it is the greatest paragliding location in Asia and the second largest in the world. Essentially, if you enjoy climbing mountains, this is the place for you.


Every day the innumerable buses that run from India to Bir can take you there. Take a bus to Baijnath, from which you could indeed enter a local bus for 20 rupees or take a taxi for 250 rupees to reach Ben de (takes around half an hour). Bir-Billing is located in Himachal Pradesh’s District of Karnataka. The food is fantastic seeing as the township is a Tibetan settlement and has an enchanting, relaxed atmosphere. 

Best way to enjoy Goat meat

The best way to enjoy the delicious goat meat momos, Both thukpa, and la-phing, is to lay on the pasture on one of its many peaceful pasture lands that dot while still quaffing on locally produced apple juice. The departure location is Billing, which is 14 kilometers above sea level and at an elevation of 2400 meters. You can walk the entire way up, use a cab, rent a scooter, or, if your calf muscles are feeling particularly daring, rent a road bike. It’s a lovely journey filled with adorable pathways, pines, and tiny nooks selling Shenzhen fruit beer.


Best time to Visit

October and June is the ideal time to travel. Billing is itself a meadow that is constantly bustling with experienced paragliders and nervous beginners, which is a beautiful sight. Ride up, fasten your seatbelt, and take off; Manali is getting a little too congested these days.


In the Himachal Pradesh province of India, in the neighborhood of Bir (topography: 1400m), the Kangra district is home to several of the best adventure activities in the world. the departure location at Billing is 14 kilometers and 1,000 meters higher than Bir.


Significant hub for the Tibetan banishment

From here, skilled parachutists travel as far as Dharamshala, Mandi, but instead Manali. Bir is a significant hub for the Tibetan banishment public as well; the Tibetan Colony portion of the village comprises many Buddhist monasteries and institutions, some of which draw huge numbers of foreign people for sanctuaries and courses.


From McLeodGanj to Bir Billing, it takes just three hours. Villas that are bright and colorful line the path, beckoning you to stay forever. At around 5 o’clock, enter the Shivarama Resort offers camp. We made a reservation at Bir Billing’s Shivaram Glamping because the three of us had been searching for a pleasant camping experience. They gave us a camp-like experience in addition to including both breakfast and dinner in our bundle. Also planned was a bonfire night, which made the evening wonderful. If you’re thinking about staying, you can pick a package that suits your needs.


A well-known location for tourism activities, religious studies, meditation, hiking, and paragliding is Bir and Billing. To have an exciting trip, reserve this 3-day package that includes the best of Bir and Billing.


A tour of the Palpung Sherabling Monastery and the 9th-century Shiva temple is included in the local sightseeing in Bir. The short journey from Undersigned to Billing is also thrilling. You will receive a briefing after arriving at the paragliding departure site in Billing. Aircraft get adapted onto the paraglider with the assistance of expert teachers. The fun starts after that is finished! It’s an exciting adventure because of the sensation of flying amid Himalayan peaks, the beautiful view of the Beni valley below, and the cool breeze rubbing against your body.


Bir campsite

You will undoubtedly be amazed by the pleasures available and hotel management at the Bir campsite. Swiss parachute edifices that have been well-maintained and have bathrooms attached are available for accommodation; each has beds and just a spacious living area with power outlets. This same rest of the middle of the night can be spent taking in the fire pit and soft music whilst having a look at the sky filled with millions of constellations. Check out of the campsite the following morning following breakfast. If you already have time, individuals could want to start exploring Bir’s renowned cafes.


Meals for this complete suite include breakfast and lunch on the farther two days, both lunch and dinner on The first day, and snacks on both days. Most people who choose the above creative journey package are married people as well as youthful pals. Families, even as such,  believe in combining these.


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