Your ultimate guide To trekking At Kunti Betta


Kunti Betta is a brief two-kilometer trek that takes approximately an hour to finish on the night trek. Due to the low visibility and slow pace in the course of the night trek, the height must be reached in a single hour. Instead, the equal trek may be finished in approximately 1/2 an hour in the course of the day.


Parking at Kunti Betta:


You’ll arrive at a central authority college close to the Kunti Betta hills’ base. You may park your vehicle at the grass in front of the faculty, as proven inside the photograph beneath. There are open water tubes and water outlets wherein water can be filled. There is also a toilet behind the school where you could relieve yourself, but it’s far stinky.


After parking the vehicle, you may need to climb about a hundred stairs before arriving close to a water tank. Retain down the trail instantly. It will lead you to the opposite aspect of the hill. Then there will be a brief U-turn wherein you should go out the road.


A way to Get There


On a Saturday night time around 9 p.M., I boarded the bus arranged by the organizers at MG road. The distance among Bangalore and Kunti Betta is about a hundred thirty kilometers, which we protected in underneath four hours. 


With the chance of on foot within the early hours of the morning looming, I determined to save strength and dozed off during the short trip.


I had left the GPS directly to tune the direction for future reference. The route taken on SH-17 became Bangalore-Bidadi-Ramanagaram-Mandya-Pandavapura-Kunti Betta.


Round 1 a.M., the bus dropped us off at our destination. All of us got out of the auto for a quick briefing. I joined the final contributors and made a few new pals.


Things to convey


Bring a sturdy backpack that provides good enough lower back and shoulder aid. P.C. A further set of garments, a lightweight jacket, meals, a water bottle, basic/private medicinal drug and toiletry kits, a snoozing bag, and a torch.


When Is the high-quality Time to visit Treks near Bangalore?


Kunti Betta become my first prevent in March. But, the pleasant time to visit for the duration of the day is among September and February, when temperatures are cooler. Hiking at some stage in the monsoon season isn’t advised because the route turns into slick. Journeying in the summer season is not recommended until you are going on a night time trek. Even within the summer season, the temperature at the summit is excellent at night.


The night day trip


The moon became waxing crescent on a clear night. We observed our trek chief’s instructions even as sporting torches. The primary section changed into through a clearing that caused the hill.This was the maximum straightforward part of the journey.


Soon, the terrain modified and we began to ascend. Within the dim night light, I observed the path become surrounded by using boulders. Nearly midway thru the hike, the direction have become narrow, passing among huge boulders. We needed to drop our bags through the passage and push ourselves via the space.


Kunti Betta Trek Itinerary


We will start our Bus adventure 


06:30 a.M. – Domlur is the second bus prevent after the brand new Shanthi Sagar lodge.

06:forty five a.M. – The final pickup from life-style, Magrath road, near Garuda Mall.

Enjoy Morning breakfast along the manner. 

We will use the lavatories on the restaurant as there may be no washroom at the trek direction. 

Reach base village 

Advent with Treks and Trails India team 


Dos and don’t at some point of the trek 


Begin trek after an clean heat-up 

Take inside the scenery from Kunti Betta top.

Enjoy your packed lunch with your fellow trekkers at lunchtime.

We are able to bring our descend trek until the bottom village 

We are able to begin our go back adventure as soon as we board the bus.

We are able to return to the restaurant for bathrooms and small snacks.

Attain Bangalore by eight pm


Kunti Betta trek guidelines:


By using street: 

125 kilometers from Bangalore, 33 kilometers from Mysore (Mysuru), 25 kilometers from Mandya, and 16 kilometers from Srirangapatna. From those points, buses operated with the aid of the kingdom transport gadget can take you to Kunti Betta.


By means of Railway : 

Pandavpura Railway Station is eight kilometers from Kunti Betta. Trekkers can attain Kunti Betta via taxi or rickshaw from the railway station.


By means of Airport : 

Mysore Airport is 39 kilometers from Pandavapura. From the airport, a direct cab to Kunti Betta is available.


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