Amazing Charts Vs AthenaOne – Which Software Is Best For You

Before you make a final decision about which software is best for you, it is important to compare pricing and features. You can also read reviews from real users of both software Amazing Charts and AthenaOne to determine which one is best for your needs. These reviews focus on ease of use, features, customer support, and value for money.


Both athenaOne and Amazing Charts have features and pricing that can help you manage your business. Before choosing either one, consider what your business needs and processes are. Whether it is inventory management, workflows, reports, or online customer support, the software should be able to meet those needs. Both athenaOne and Amazing Charts offer these features, but they differ in the level of detail they cover.

Amazing Charts EHR is designed by a practicing family physician for independent practices. This has been consistently ranked as one of the top EHR solutions available today. EHR also is Meaningful Use Certified, which means that it meets modern compliance standards. They also supports e-prescribing. It also is powered by Dragon’s Naturally Speaking software and NewCrop.

If you’re looking for a medical practice-focused solution that will help you analyze patient data, athenaOne is a good choice. Their focus on customer success makes them more likely to help you increase your revenue.


In this Amazing Charts vs athenaOne comparison, we’ll focus on the features of each program and see how they stack up against one another. For example, Amazing Charts comes with an e-prescribing feature, allowing users to generate new prescriptions quickly and easily. Users can also easily search the database and search by various criteria. Using Amazing Charts, doctors can even create complex database queries.

Another Amazing Charts feature is its cloud-based practice management system. This is a feature-packed software that includes a full revenue cycle management system. It also has automated eligibility checking and benefits verification. Detailed information about the Amazing Charts EHR can found on its website, which includes screenshots and more. Amazing Charts has an annual price per physician, which is low compared to many other solutions. However, it does not offer facility or enterprise discounts.


When comparing the two EHRs, the key difference between them is the user-friendly layout of the Amazing Charts EHR. The software offers an easy, one-page interface that lets you easily navigate the various components of the system. The program also allows you to add notes and medical history to each patient record with just a click of a button. Other noteworthy features include a pre-configured dashboard and device-agnostic access. Users can also create professional-looking invoices from the desktop. Furthermore, users can easily track patients’ history, allergies, and progress notes during visits.

Both products have integrated calendars and appointment booking systems. For example, Athenahealth shows all scheduled appointments right next to patient billing information. This makes it easy to book appointments and register new patients. Both programs also allow you to set recurring appointment reminders. Reminders can sent via email or by phone. Before choosing one, try out both options and see which one fits your needs best.

AthenaOne and Amazing Charts are two EHRs with a wide range of features. Both products are easy to use and have excellent customer service. Both are inexpensive and offer a variety of add-ons for your practice.

Integrations with practice management software

Amazing Charts is a physician-friendly electronic health record system. It allows for quick data entry and covers all areas of patient care, including charts, schedules, diagnoses, and prescriptions. The system is also accessible on the web, making it easy for physicians to work from anywhere. It also features drag and drop functionality, which aims to optimize office workflow.

Amazing Charts also has a powerful reporting tool. The reporting tool allows users to run various reports and search the database by various criteria. In addition, users can create complex database queries. This feature is helpful for optimizing patient management and ensuring better care. Lastly, the software is HIPAA and Meaningful Use certified.

Another key feature of Amazing Charts is the ability to automate appointment booking. It allows physicians to create appointment slots for patients and search for available slots. Additionally, it is possible to change appointment length and verify appointment details.


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