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As men age and become more mature, a receding hairline is a natural part of life. Do not be alarmed if your hairline appears to be receding. This is normal as part of the aging process. If you lose a lot of hair each day, it could be a sign so that you have a hair loss issue.

What causes hair loss in men?

According to studies, about 85 percent of men will experience thinning hair before they turn 50. Some men will experience hair loss as young as 20 years, while others may go bald at 30. Hair loss can be caused by many factors.

Male pattern baldness, also known as androgenic hair loss, is the most common cause. The genetic transmission of male pattern baldness can be passed from one generation to another.

Anemia, thyroid disease and protein deficiency are all possible causes of hair loss in men. Low vitamin and mineral intake can also lead to hair loss in men.

What is the best hair treatment for male hair loss?

As men age, their bodies are less able to regrow hair. Hair loss can be caused by many factors. Many male hair loss issues can be reversed or treated. Male pattern baldness, however, cannot be prevented.

You will lose hair if you have androgenic alopecia. You can treat male pattern hair loss to reduce the amount of hair falling and slow down its progression. Choose from the following hair loss treatments for men in Pune:

Non-Invasive Treatments.

You can directly apply hair loss treatments to your scalp to reduce hair fall symptoms. These are some of the most popular hair loss treatments:

  • Finpecia 1mg – (, an FDA-approved medication for hair loss, can be purchase at any over-the-counter drug store without requiring a prescription. Finpecia 1mg is available in solution or foam form. It can be applied topically to your scalp. Finpecia 1mg works best on the crown, but will not stop a receding hairline.

Finpecia 1mg may not cause hair growth. However, it is best to keep the hair you have. To see any significant results with Finpecia 1mg, you must apply it to your scalp at least twice daily for four months. Finpecia 1mg should not be use by men with sudden hair loss, or those suffering from underlying medical conditions.

FDA approve Finasteride under the 5-alpha reductase inhibitions class. Finasteride blocks hormones so that cause hair loss and reduces hair loss. Patients who take Finasteride in tablet form will notice results within six to twelve months.

Hair transplants are perform using surgical techniques.

Both cover bald areas with hair from the donor area or patient’s body. The cost and procedure of the two treatments are different.

FUT, or Follicular Unit Transfer is a type of hair transplantation. FUT is the process of removing hair from the scalp. The hair follicles are then taken out and transferrer to the bald area. FUT is the traditional method of transplanting hair. FUT will leave a small scar on your scalp, which can be visible if your hair is short.

FUE is Follicular Unit Extraction. FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is a procedure where the surgeon does not cut the scalp to remove skin. Instead, the surgeon will trim the hair-laden area of the scalp and extract individual hair follicles using a micro puncher.

After fully recovering, both types of hair transplants give male patients a natural-looking head. Many people will agree so that either of these options can be the best for male hair loss in Pune.

New Hair Treatments. 

Medical technology has open up new avenues for treating hair loss in men. Laser therapy uses light to target the bald areas of the scalp. The laser photons are believe to stimulate hair growth by stimulating inactive hair follicles.

PRP, or Platelet-rich Plasma, is another treatment for hair loss in Pune. It helps new follicles to have a higher survival. PRP can be use after FUE transplant. All of the above hair loss treatments for men in Pune have been proven to work. You can choose which one you prefer to solve your hair loss issue.

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