What Age Is Your Brain? Pick Your Favorite Movies And Find Out!

Fine, Boomer. Millennial, stop eating avocados. Gen X, sip your Starbucks. Gen Z, don’t consume those Tide Pods. Even though there are so many issues that today’s generations disagree on, we can all agree on a good movie. The younger generation has even more to look forward to, even though the older generation has lived to witness many years of fantastic cinema.

Pick Your Favorite Movies

Do you believe that by looking at the movies you enjoy, we can determine your age? There are some movies that everyone, regardless of age, could watch repeatedly. Others you wouldn’t even bother to watch because you know you wouldn’t enjoy them. If you tell us if you enjoy these 50 films, we’ll make an educated guess as to your age.

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Do you like American Psycho?



Do you like 300?



Do you like Snow White?



Do you like The Devil Wears Prada?



Do you like Aladdin?


Do you like Mean Girls?



Do you like Dallas Buyers Club?


Do you like Silence of the Lambs?


Do you like Beasts of No Nation?



Do you like V for Vendetta?



Do you like Zoolander?


Do you like Mad Max?



Do you like The Breakfast Club?


Do you like Hunger Games?



Do you like Snakes on a Plane?


Do you like The Godfather?



Do you like The Little Mermaid?



Do you like The Princess Bride?



Do you like Skyfall?


Do you like Avengers Endgame?



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