Top 6 Hybrid Event Service Providers

Events that blend a physical experience with a virtual experience are known as hybrid events. An expo that also provides online broadcasting and virtual involvement is an example of a hybrid event. With hybrid events, all in-person participants can take part in the event live while an unlimited number of virtual guests can watch and listen online. Hybrid events are growing in popularity, and in today’s climate of social distance, the virtual component of the hybrid event is becoming more significant. You have come to the correct place if you are seeking the best hybrid event platform. The top hybrid event service companies are listed below.

Top 6 Hybrid Event Service Providers

Top-Rated Hybrid Event Platforms


A leading provider of online event management tools is Cvent. Through its cloud-based platform, the business offers complete capabilities for managing every facet of an event, including venue selection, onsite booking and management, delegate monitoring, and financial reporting. This hybrid event software is potent. You will receive a list of everyone who has registered, whether it be online, via SMS, or using QR codes. With more than 4,000 staff and 24-hour, award-winning customer service, it is already the market leader.


  • Robust solutions for registration
  • Data collection
  • Report sharing
  • Ticketing and tracking attendance


You may create multi-channel broadcasts and immersive virtual environments with Eventcube that are specific to the requirements of your event. With the addition of Eventcube’s highly regarded ticketing system, you have an event platform that looks after your attendees at every touchpoint. The platform is designed to encourage greater audience involvement. Eventcube can help you increase the sense of community among your audience through interactive chat rooms, virtual polls, Q&A, and social media plugins.


  • Dedicated ticketing platform
  • Instant access to ticket sales
  • White Label Service
  • Comprehensive data capture and in-depth reporting
  • Has breakout rooms and a panel hosting format


Bizzabo is a user-friendly platform for event registration that can be tailored to match any kind of event, no matter how big or little. The technology enables attendees to purchase tickets online and provides event organizers with access to attendee data so they may get in touch with them before and after their events with pertinent messaging. Additionally, it has a tonne of capabilities, including analytics dashboards, mobile apps, and social connectors. A fantastic aspect of this platform is that it offers an open API. You may inspect the entire code because it is open source and edit it as necessary.


  • Navigation inside the event environment
  • The website builder allows HTML customization
  • Registration and payment management


With its all-in-one hybrid event solution, Dreamcast, startups may design extremely configurable hybrid events. Dreamcast, one of the most well-known brands on the market, excels at what it does. Its product line allows you to build virtual spaces and live feeds to accompany your physical events. Additionally, the platform offers capabilities for creating attractive registration sites. Dreamcast has attendee management technologies that guarantee safe and efficient check-in for the in-person event as well. This leads to a website with comprehensive reports that let you keep track of sales, learn more about your audience, and identify the most popular content.


  • Networking options
  • Interactive tools such as live chats, polls, Q&As, surveys, and more
  • Analytic features
  • Screen sharing
  • Easy setup
  • Complete ticketing solution
  • Gamification options


No matter where your event is taking place, Aventri offers a hybrid event solution that allows you to manage everything linked to it in one location. Aventri makes it simple to create a welcoming, collaborative experience that gathers your team in one central area because collaboration is essential when planning an event. By uploading your current presentations or creating them directly on their site, you can get started in just a few clicks. Maintain coordination among your team members once the details of your event are set up, from printing boarding permits at home to determining which training sessions each guest qualifies for.


  • One integrated platform to manage in-person and virtual events
  • It has an integrated video conferencing feature
  • Has in-depth reporting tools
  • Fully functional event and attendee management features
  • Comprehensive onsite tools to safely check in guests, capture lead data, and control crowds


The hybrid event platform provided by EventMobi is renowned for its adaptable pricing. The platform is unique in that it can be customized. Are you looking for a variety of features? EventMobi is your option, offering more than 120 functions. Gamification, polls, and other elements are available on the platform. It facilitates integration with well-known systems like Marketo and Salesforce. However, some people might find the UI of the hybrid event software to lack a contemporary feel. The participant’s experience at events may be impacted by this. EventMobi is a fantastic hybrid event service provider overall.


  • Networking features
  • Audience engagement features
  • Robust ticketed video library

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