Free Sitemap Checker

What is Sitemap Checker

Free Sitemap Checker; Verify the sitemap on the website. A sitemap is crucial because it contains a list of all the website’s pages and enables more intelligent website crawling by search engines. A sitemap also provides each webpage with useful metadata.

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Free Sitemap Checker

The sitemap status checker tool is a program that determines whether or not a website’s XML sitemap is valid and functioning. The tool scans the website and returns a list of URLs that are either missing from the sitemap or which are not linked to from anywhere on the site itself.

The sitemap status checker tool is a useful tool for checking the status of your sitemap. It’s very easy to use and will tell you if your sitemap is valid, invalid, or if it has errors in it.

Search engines are online tools that index the internet and allow users to find information on the web. They are an integral part of modern life and are used by people all over the world to find everything from recipes to news stories. The most well-known search engine is Google, which claims to have indexed more than 130 billion web pages.

You must make a sitemap.xml file for your website in order to pass this test. Below is a list of a few of the best practices:

  • It is highly advised that you put your sitemap in your website’s root directory at But in some circumstances, you might want to create various sitemaps for various paths on your website (e.g., security permission issues)
  • Sitemaps are limited to 50,000 URLs and should not exceed 10MB (10,485,760 bytes). This means that you must make multiple sitemap files and use a Sitemap index file if your website has more than 50,000 URLs or if your sitemap is larger than 10MB.
  • The sitemap and all of the URLs listed in it must be hosted on the same server. The sitemap, for instance, cannot contain URLs from if it is located at

Why does Your Website need a Sitemap

Simply put, if you want your website to appear in SERPs, you must have a sitemap. An XML sitemap makes it simple for crawling search engines like Google and Bing to comprehend the structure of your website. A sitemap will also significantly raise your ranking if your website is new, has dynamic pages, or has a complicated organizational structure. Additionally, you will get crawl priority and receive a list of all the URLs from your website. Although not having an XML sitemap will not result in any penalties, it is a crucial component of SEO.

How do Sitemap error effect your ranking

Compression errors, empty sitemaps, HTTP errors, and incorrect namespaces are examples of sitemap errors. These mistakes can “dirty up” your sitemap, making it more difficult for crawlers to access your website. Certain pages cannot be properly indexed if they cannot be crawled. You won’t receive a good Google ranking and will miss out on a lot of organic traffic if your pages aren’t indexed.

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