May the globe maneuver for you to travel to the hearth of Lord Shiva, mini Israel, and as we prefer to call it – paradise! On Kasol Kheerganga Trek, you get the dual advantage of scrutinizing two villages permeated with spiritual and climate joy. It is a simple journey with a straight but effortless climb. Kasol and Kheerganga lie at the elevation of 1580 m and 2956 m, respectively. Amidst the astonishing Parvati Valley in the Kullu region of Himachal Pradesh, Kheerganga is a trekker’s pursuit. The trek core is Kasol, a quaint town lying at an extent of 500 km from Delhi. 

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Popular for its Marijuana cultivation, Kheerganga is the final village in the Parvati Valley while getting on to Pin Parvati Pass. Parvati river, turgid waterfalls, picturesque peaks, iconic chapels, and rounded-up Deodar and Oak trees fantasize for a refreshing view. To crown it all off, you will be cited with a contrasting hot geyser in the center of the chilling condition when you arrive at the edge of the trek. 

Kasol, on the additional hand, is a beloved destination among the hippies and off-late has served as a halting case for Israelis. There are tons of Israeli diners that serve appetizing Falafels, Borek, Chicken Laffa, and mythical Onion Fries with Hummus. Ahead with the food, the formal houses and tales from various road intersections will soften your gut and compel you on their own. 

Believe us; this trek will boost your morale and lighten up your personality. The area is studded with Hindu and Sikh mythical tales. Here is a quick briefing of the Kasol-Kheerganga Trek with Plan The Unplanned: 

Area: Kullu region

Max height: 2950 m

Excursion Highlights

  1. Confront fellow tourists and kick off your trip from Delhi to Kasol.
  2. Trek and refresh in the scenic views of Parvati Valley.
  3. Grab a swoop in the realistic hot geyser amidst the beautiful Kheerganga.
  4. Get a flavor of Himachal and Israeli cuisine.
  5. Undertake on the courageous Kasol Kheerganga trek that is in all routes beyond beautiful.
  6. Go to Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara and get submitted in esoteric Parvati and Kartikeya tales.

Articles to Carry

  1. Firstly, Hiking shoes: Carry waterproof hiking shoes with a nice grasp and ankle backing. Do not bring sports shoes.
  2. Secondly, bring a down jacket and padded jacket
  3. Following, Trek Pants: Carry light-colored cotton trek pants. Denim/jeans and shorts are not adequate for trekking.
  4. Full-sleeved t-shirts that protect against sunburns on the neck and limbs. Bring one or two dry-fit t-shirts.
  5. Thermals: bring thermals (top and bottom).
  6. Sunglasses: Sunglasses are necessary. There will be plenty of snow on the trek which can affect snow blindness.
  7. Cap: At elevated altitudes, the sun is more brutal so bring a cap to conserve yourself.
  8. Watertight hand gloves: Carry waterproof gloves and resist woolen gloves as they will obtain moisture if you reach snow.
  9. Socks (2) and a set of woolen socks: Apart from two athletic socks, you can take a set of woolen socks for the evening.
  10. Headlamp/LED torch: Compulsory 
  11. Power banks
  12. Essential Toiletries
  13. Plus, Sunscreen 
  14. Raincoat: At high heights, snowfall and rain are very ordinary and it’s necessary to carry a cape so that you don’t get moist. So The trip can proceed as intended even during rain. Your poncho should preserve you from the water. Carry a bag cover for additional safety from rain for your belongings.
  15. Additional, Documents – ID (Driver’s License, AADHAR Card, Voter ID) (Passport and Visa duplicate for Foreign Nationals)
  16. Ultimately, a Day Pack (a Small Bag of 10 liters to hold up essential things for the day)

Vastly inquired Questions:

  1. What is the favorable time to go to Kasol?

Ans- Spring or summer is the promising season to spend time in Kasol. The reasonable time to visit Jibhi is from April to November.

  1. Is it cautious to do Kasol Kheerganga Trek?

Ans- Yes, it is comfortable to do the Kasol Kheerganga trek. It is a vastly picturesque trip in the Himalayas. The journey is normal in complication, and the route is well-marked from the entrance to the verge.

  1. Is there an ATM Available during the Trek?

Ans- There are no ATMs after Kasol. Therefore, you must hold up sufficient cash.

  1. What is the level of fitness expected to do the Kasol Kheerganga Trek?

Ans- The trip is an easy-moderate one. There are easy roads with incremental rise and dip.



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