How to find the best book printing service

Printing  More and more writers decide to self-publish their books. Amazon has made it easy and simple to publish a digital book around the world, but what happens when we want to print our works on paper and have no idea how to do it?

Best Book Printing Service

To obtain the best prices while getting a professional job advised by experts, an excellent option is to go to an online book printing company. But how do we know which one is the best for us?

Well, to begin with, a good option is to look for a printing company with a book printing service for publishers. Why? Actually, you can always choose to go to a printer in your city and order the order from them.

Still, it is usual for this type of business to make calendars, magazines, almanacs, and a lot of other items, but books? Not all printers are used to this type of format and, although they can do it, you will find better prices and better advice in a printer that usually works with publishers and writers.

Book printing service

And if the company works online, all the better, as it will be used to deal with its customers by phone or email, answering your questions and requests no matter where you are.

In addition, when choosing a printing company, it is also interesting to take a look at the type of impressions they make.

Printing softcover books (with or without flaps) is one of the most widespread options among those who want to get a good number of copies to sell (although smaller runs can also be made). However, perhaps what you are interested in is Printing Near Me hardcover books. Books in this format, also called hardcover, are much more resistant than softcover (or paperback), so they are ideal for making smaller editions that, today, are considered high-end in the world of books.

Printing press

And what other aspects should you take into account when choosing a printing press? Well, there are some terms that you have to know yes or yes before they give you a quote, among them:

  • White or Tapered Paper: Offset paper can be white or tapered. Offset boned piece offers a creamier or off-white color, and is most common in books.
  • Paper weight: the term weight refers to how thick the sheet is. The heavier the weight, the more body the paper will have. In offset paper, it is usual for book paper to be between 80 and 90 gr, while the coated paper is between 100 and 150 gr.

Now you know what elements you should take into account when comparing the different book printing rates. So all you have to do is start looking for printers, how about starting with iVerso Printing?

What is a book publisher?

Traditionally, the author is the one who generates the content, the person who writes the book, and the publisher is the company or entity that buys the rights to the work (through a publishing contract) to be able to market it, whether in physical or digital format. or audio.

Do you want examples of book publishers? Well, we have a lot! On our website, we have compiled a lot of information about publishers so that you know a little more about their history, what books they publish, how to contact them if they call for literary prizes…

Publisher book example:

Publishers are in charge of converting the author’s manuscript into a book. If we speak in business terms (because publishers are nothing more than a company), the function of publishers is to transform a raw material (a story) into a marketable object (a book).

They do this by submitting the manuscript to a style and orthotypographic correction, laying it out, designing a cover (or an entire cover), and sending it to print or preparing it for online publication.

Exploitation rights

On the other hand, one more function of the publisher may be to advise the author on his work.

Likewise, and in a previous step to those mentioned above, the publishing house is in charge of filtering the editorial proposals that arrive, assessing whether they have sufficient quality to appear in its catalog, whether they are salable works and whether they follow its editorial line.

If any of these factors fail, they will discard the work ( learn how to choose publishers to send your manuscript to ).

This is important since many people “trust” the criteria of a publisher and if they liked a book in their catalog, they are more likely to buy another from the same label, trusting their editorial criteria.

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