Five things to know about fence repair businesses

      Before hiring a fence repair company, ask some questions.

A property’s fences are an essential component. They offer privacy while guarding against intruders at your home. But they also need to be maintain. Find out more about fence repair businesses and what to look for when hiring one!

When selecting a company to work on your home, it’s crucial to ask questions. Before choosing a company, keep the following in mind:

  1. How much does the business charge per job or per hour?
  2. What sort of fencing components will be employe?
  3. Is it a verbal estimate, or will they provide you with a written estimate?
  4. How much time will the repair take?
  5. How will I pay to fix the fence?

In order to help the homeowner better understand how repair businesses operate, let’s dig into the aforementioned questions.


  • This is the most frequent aske query regard the fees a company chargefor not only repairs but also for clean, staining, and the installation of new . For a fence repair, the majority of businesses charge by the job, but many of them do have a minimum charge. It might be more cost-effective for the homeowner to hire a handyman to fix a small gate hinge.
  • Depending on the fence contractor providing an estimate and whether they are a business or a one-man operation. The preferred method of leaving an estimate is to actually have it written down, either manually or digitally, on an invoice or other document for the business. The homeowner frequent has no idea or understandof what is includ in the estimate if the company is a small, independent business. 
  • What kind of fence are you looking for since  companies offer a variety of types and designs? There are many different kinds of fences in the DFW area, including chain link, barbed wire, plastic, wood, and concrete. Asking the question before they come out for an estimate will be helpful because not all fence companies repair all types of fences.
  • What kind of wood is the fence you have? Due to their low cost, simplicity of installation, and high level of durability, wooden fences are the most widely use type of. The pine is the most typical and least expensive.  A cedar fence is better for longevity.   Many times, the type of wood the  company will use to make the repair will depend on the type of stain that has already been used. stains the same color so know before they clean and stain the fence.


Depending on the size of the repair, the average fence repair only takes one or two days. The company can frequently enter and exit quickly so as not to disrupt your day. The homeowner is not required to be present because the repair is being made outside the home.  Just how to enter the area where the repair will be made must be communicated to the company by the homeowner.


You have two options for paying for the repair: you can do it right away or call the fence company’s office. For security reasons, the crew typically won’t handle the payment, especially if it’ll be made with a credit card or cash.

Our team at Makeovers will leave a bill at the front door. The homeowner can review the costs, inspect the completed work, and call the office to make a payment. After that, give the work a 5-star rating in recognition of its high caliber.

Are There Any Reputable Fence Repair Businesses Near Me?

You can start by asking your neighbors, coworkers, or family members who have had some fence repairs done with that particular company where to look for quality  repair companies. Review websites like the BBB, Yelp, Google Business Profile, and Facebook are another place to look. Because there are so many fake reviews available online, when reading reviews, please make sure they are written by actual people. There is a problem if a  company has all 5-star reviews because no company is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes, but what matters is how they learn from them.

What Is In The Contract For Fence Repair?

A fence repair contract should contain all the information you require. A reputable fence builder will ensure that the contract contains every detail. This includes materials, installation, and repairs. In order to avoid surprises later, it is crucial to inquire up front about how much the job will cost. Are there any deposits require before the work is complet? For a fence repair orfence cleaning and staining to be successful, communication between the homeowner, fence company, and estimator is essential.

Our estimators at Fence Makeovers are prepar to schedule . Appointments and provide a written estimate with all the details need to finish the job quickly. Call us or complete our form for a free estimate right away!


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