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Count the characters and words of any posts, paragraphs,, or any written content with this Character Counter Online Tool

Character Counter Online Tool

Character Counter Online Tool

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What is the Character Counter Online Tool

The character counter is a totally free character count calculator available online. In addition to spelling and grammar checks, it is used to count words, characters, sentences, paragraphs, and pages in real time. Students, specifically, can make use of it.

For students, homework assignments typically have requirements or caps. The same frequently holds true when applying to colleges. Respecting these can significantly influence how this writing is graded and evaluated and demonstrates your ability to follow simple instructions. The character counter can help you avoid unintentionally exceeding restrictions or failing to meet requirements, both of which could hurt your performance on these assignments.

Social media managers who write articles or copy for advertisements are the second most frequent users of this service! Knowing when you’ve exceeded the character limit is crucial because it will cause your ads and text to be cut off! This tool aids in keeping you within those restrictions.

How to use a character Counter

Trying to come up with the ideal tweet or Facebook status? Not sure how many hashtags to use to increase the engagement of your post?

Unsure of how many characters you can use in the headline of a Google or Reddit advertisement? Social media marketers are plagued by inquiries like these every day as they work to share the best content possible.

It can be challenging to keep up with the constant changes in social media character limits. The likelihood that someone will read or interact with a Tweet, Facebook post, or Instagram caption may increase if you know the ideal length.

Simply copy and paste text into the tool or type directly into the text area to determine the word and character count of your writing. once completed,

Limits for text messages (SMS), Yelp, Google, Reddit titles and comments, eBay titles and descriptions, as well as many others, will be implemented soon. You will be better able to express yourself within the set boundaries and avoid having your text cut off without being aware of it if you are aware of these limits and can see when you are approaching them.

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide with the character length restrictions for all the major social networks in order to make your life a little easier.

What are the Character limits by Platforms?


Facebook Post63,206 Characters
Facebook text and video ad text90 Characters
Facebook text and video ad headline25 Characters
Facebook text and video ad link description30 Characters
Facebook image ad text90 Characters
Facebook image ad headline40 Characters
Facebook image ad link description20 Characters
Facebook Canvas ad body text500 Characters
Facebook Canvas Button text30 Characters
Facebook Context Card Headline45 Characters
Facebook Lead Gen Benefits Text25 Characters
Facebook Lead Gen Button Text25 Characters
Facebook Lead Gen Custom Question Text50 Characters
Facebook Lead Gen Privacy Policy Link100 Characters
Facebook Lead Gen Disclaimer Title60 Characters
Facebook Collection Ad Headline25 Characters
Facebook Ad Image20% Text


Tweet280 Characters
Twitter DM10,000 Characters
Twitter Handle15 Characters
Twitter Profile Name20 Characters


Instagram Caption2200 Characters
Instagram Bio150 Characters
Instagram Username30 Characters
Instagram Hashtags30 Characters


YouTube Video Title700 Characters
YouTube Video Description5,000 Characters
YouTube Playlist Title60 Characters
YouTube Tags30 Characters per Tags and 500 Characters total


Pinterest Profile Name20 Characters
Pinterest Bio160 Characters
Pinterest Username15 Characters
Pinterest Board Name100 Characters
Pinterest Board Description500 Characters
Pinterest Pin Description500 Characters
Maximum Number of Pinterest Boards500 Boards
Maximum Number of Pins200,000 Pins


LinkedIn Company Update700 Characters
LinkedIn Company Name100 Characters
LinkedIn About us/Summary2000 Characters
LinkedIn Page Name50 Characters
LinkedIn Company Leaders Headline150 Characters
LinkedIn Employee testimonials400 Characters
LinkedIn Custom Module Title150 Characters
LinkedIn Custom Module Body500 Characters
LinkedIn Custom Module URL70 Characters
LinkedIn First Name20 Characters
LinkedIn Last Name40 Characters
LinkedIn Recommendation3000 Characters
LinkedIn Publishing Post Headline150 Characters
LinkedIn Publishing Content120,000 Characters

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