CareCloud EHR vs. Practice Velocity EHR: A Review of Two Systems!

In this article, we’ll compare two of the most well-known electronic health record (EHR) systems on the market today: CareCloud vs. Practice Velocity.

CareCloud EHR and Practice Velocity EHR are both viable options. However, you may want to consider user reviews and recommendations when making your final call. Electronic health record (EHR) systems are becoming increasingly popular. The best way to select one is to consider how well they fulfill your needs, how much they cost, and what others have to comment about them.

In this review, we’ll explore two of the leading EHRs on the market, Practice Velocity, and CareCloud EHR, to assist you in making the best decision.

CareCloud EHR:

CareCloud EHR solution recognized by relevant authorities helps improve patient care and streamline administrative tasks. All of the clinic’s progress toward accreditation is tracked through the Meaningful Use reporting tool. The solution may be tailored to the demands of any specialty, clinic, or individual with its plethora of pre-built, digitized prescriptions, analytics, and billing formats.

Breeze, a patient portal built within CareCloud EHR, was created to improve mutual communication between patients and physicians. With Breeze, medical facilities can digitally integrate their procedures, from new-patient registration to billing and payment processing. The dashboard provides complete access to a patient’s health information, including past medical records and upcoming appointments.

CareCloud Live, the telehealth advancements built into the CareCloud EHR, provides a secure, real-time video healthcare facility for efficient two-way communication between healthcare providers and their patients. Patient automated reminders assist doctors in staying on top of their telemedicine appointments and alleviate some of the administrative burden, which most CareCloud reviews appreciate.

What to Expect from CareCloud EHR?

  • The navigation bar at the top of CareCloud EHR keeps you focused on the needed information. One-click takes you to all the important portals like appointments, payments, and patient information. Starting with registration and ending with a payment, the platform’s flow is reminiscent of a routine patient visit.
  • The CareCloud EHR system also includes the CareCloud Centeral care management platform, which streamlines and automates the repetitive, low-value tasks that can bog down a healthcare organization. 
  • CareCloud Concierge is their call to manage the revenue cycle. Medical professionals devote more time to caring for their patients instead of chasing down money.  To help users streamline their operations, decrease denials, and expedite payments, CareCloud provides a specialized customer team that handles the revenue cycle from beginning to end.
  • According to assessments of CareCloud EHR, the software’s ability to streamline the billing process means more time can be spent tending to patients. CareCloud can generate and send out patient statements automatically, streamlining the workflow. If your claim were submitted incorrectly, CareCloud would fix it, so you get paid in full. CareCloud EHR eliminates the need for manual processes, illegible handwriting, and improper coding, all of which can lead to claim rejections.

CareCloud Pricing:

CareCloud EHR offers three different tiers of service at different price points: Central, Complete, and Concierge. In addition, you can contact the sellers directly to obtain a more accurate price estimate. 

Practice Velocity EHR:

Since the middle of the 2000s, Practice Velocity EHR has offered several electronic medical record software, billing services, and start-up advice for urgent care facilities. 

Most of the time, data entry is as simple as a point-and-click. After inputting a patient’s complaint, the system will produce the necessary follow-up questions, diagnoses, and treatments, as well as discharge instructions for when the patient is

Off the beaten path of urgent care medicine’s health care aspects, hundreds of business owners and administrators use the Practice Velocity EHR practice management system daily. Training is provided in person at PV’s headquarters for local customers, while a collection of recorded lessons is available for everyone else. Aside from the billing and collection services, Practice Velocity also provides contracts and accreditation for urgent care facilities.

What to Expect from Practice Velocity EHR?

  • For six consecutive years, KLAS Research has ranked Practice Velocity EHR as the best option in the urgent care area. 
  • With Practice Velocity’s PVM system, medical facilities can instantly verify a patient’s insurance coverage as they register. It can automate work lists to increase revenue collection and split bills for patients with numerous insurance providers. 
  • To further acquaint users of the PV EMR and EMR extensions with their software, Practice Velocity has started a new webinar series.
  • Webinar attendees may expect demonstrations of PV’s electronic medical record system as they learn about Chartlet, work scheduling.
  • You may encounter difficulties switching from paper to electronic health records (EHR), but Practice Velocity will ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.
  • Keeping patient demographics, insurance details, and medical diagnosis codes all in sync is a piece of cake with Practice Velocity EHR

Practice Velocity Pricing:

Though Practice Velocity pricing is not available openly, you can reach out to the vendors for its pricing quotes. Moreover, you can also request a Practice Velocity demo. 

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